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Serpent Moon Voyages Isle of Witches' Lava

Kiara Phethean

Kip, the heroine of this exciting adventure story, has a Soul Dragon, Aaron, her constant guide. She, twin Pip, Vent, Hill and Flick set out on a dangerous mission to the Isle of Witches' Lava, one of the Seven Isles, to find seven amulets which together will enable them to locate and destroy the evil Master.
They have the amulet of protection but must find the amulet of health to heal Vent, dying of his poisoned wound.
Kip is spiritually hampered by memories of a previous adventure in which, outside her control, she stabbed Pip. They need healing too.
After many adventures, the story reaches a climax as Kip and Flick find themselves surrounded by deadly dangers. Can they find the amulet of health in time for Vent or must that wait the next story in the series?

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Kiara Phethean was born in Queensland, Australia, the youngest of four children. She has always enjoyed reading, drawing and creating stories.