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Another Point of View

James Lythgoe

This book is not for the Purist; it is simply a collection of original verse from the pen of one who self- proclaims himself to be a connoisseur of cheap white wine in the reduced price category.
It is a collection of recriminations, revelations of regrets, remorse, and of romance remembered, a veritable ratatouille of human emotions, for which the author offers no apology, or explanations..

Humorous to a degree, lively, suggestive, often depressive and cynical, the poems are wildly diverse in concept and content, and are the product and views of the writer alone.
Certain of the poems have a historical flavour and it may well indeed be that there are historians who wish to disagree, (and speculate with negative conjecture and authority) on the accuracy and content of those with historic relish. Their views are more than welcome.
A similar situation exists with the interpretation of the Seven Deadly Sins, and there will be critics who will refute, aye and dispute their meaning. To them all, the author, after acknowledging their views and respecting their argument, merely refers to the book and indicates the title. It is simply "Another Point of view".


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James Lythgoe, a native of Bolton, Lancashire, is a British engineer who has worked and lived in South Africa for many years, and who, on retirement, took up writing as a hobby.


When the Devil Drives is his second novel, which was preceded by a collection of short stories and a few selected poems published in the United States.


He is married with two grown up children and resides in Benoni, a small town near Johannesburg, South Africa.