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Fernando's Harvest

Ronald Plante

In a country embroiled in strife and conflict, a young Nicaraguan boy must find his place in his family's cigar making enterprise, a world rife with hardship and tradition. For three generations, the Ruiz family have worked their land in Esteli to cultivate different types of tobacco and produce premium hand-rolled cigars. The Ruiz family is particularly fond of the criollo plant, which they harvest in five distinct cuts. Fernando's Harvest is the story of their youngest son, Fernando Molina, recounted like the harvest in five parts: from his roots in the tobacco fields of Esteli; his life in Nicaragua; his move to Miami; his climb to the top of the cigar making world; and his eventual homecoming. Fernando's moving saga is interlaced with present day moments of soul-searching, as he tries to repair the tenuous relationship with his father.


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Ronald Plante grew up in the mining town of Sudbury, in northern Ontario, Canada. His interest in literature encouraged him to pursue a Master's degree in French Literature from the University of Waterloo. He's written articles studying the role of history and culture in the literary works of French-Canadian authors. Before leaving academia for the high paced world of medical sales, Ronald taught a number of language and literature courses. He lives in Ottawa, Canada's capital city, where he's spent the last twenty years dedicating himself to the well-being of Canadians. He devotes his free time to writing. His themes are eclectic, from the artisanry of cigar making to the early European Renaissance. This is his first novel.