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A London Apprentice

Chris Waterlow

Born to industrious working-class parents, Sydney Hedley Waterlow endured a tough, unforgiving childhood education only to discover an enviable and undoubted talent in the printing industry while still an apprentice to the trade. On gaining his freedom he went on to partner his father and brothers in a world-famous family printing firm before using his business skills to highlight and greatly improve the life conditions for the downtrodden classes of Victorian London. With his well-established connections within the City of London, including serving a term as its lord mayor, Sydney used his powerful associations and influence to establish and improve many beneficial organisations we know today, including the City & Guilds Institute and Bart's Hospital (with his friend, Florence Nightingale), one of his final acts of selflessness being to donate twenty-nine acres of his own land in London to be used as a ‘garden for the gardenless'. Truly one of the Victorian era's greatest unsung heroes.

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Chris Waterlow was born in London and educated at Stonyhurst College in Lancashire. On leaving school he went to work for the Metropolitan Police at New Scotland Yard for eleven years before discovering the satisfaction of video production. In 1999 he graduated in Broadcast Technical Operations from Ravensbourne College of Design & Communication and was immediately headhunted by QVC UK where he continues to work, currently as a camera supervisor. In his spare time, the author enjoys playing bass guitar semi-professionally, listening to music (mainly of the rock/blues genre!) and following Wasps RFC and the NFL's San Francisco 49ers. He lives in Sussex with his wife, Shirley, has three stepchildren and a granddaughter, Darcy Rose.