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The Ferret, The Donkey And Snakesbelly

Brian Amos

Derek Rafferty's brother-in-law, Dean, has been sent to prison. He is mid-forties, respectable, married for twenty-five years with three grown-up kids and never before been in trouble with the law.
As an ex-copper, Rafferty needs to find out how this has happened.
Whilst visiting his sister during Dean's absence he comes across some evidence that all is not as it has appeared. He decides to carry out his own investigation and, not wanting to rely on the traditional justice system with which he has lost faith, proceeds to act as prosecutor, jury and judge.

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Dave Henshaw (writing under the pen name Brian Amos) was born and raised in Stapleford, a small town between Derby and Nottingham in the East Midlands.

He attended Albany Junior School, then Bramcote Hills Grammar before moving to Devon in 1982, to study Fishery Science at Plymouth polytechnic.

His first job after gaining a BSc. (Hons) degree was on a fish farm in Inveraray, a beautiful little village on Loch Fyne, in the west of Scotland. Here he met his future wife, Jacqui.

Dave and Jacqui moved back down to Nottingham where they live today. They have three grown-up children, Stephen, Leigh and Kayleigh, and one grandchild, Daniel Jack.