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The Adventures Of A Dog Called Snowy

David Thorp

The year is 1902. Snowy is a white Chow Shepherd and belongs to Arthur Dell, a well-known and well-connected doctor and his wife, Anastasia, who live in Portman Square, London.

The couple take Snowy for a walk at the same time every morning.

One fine day, in the usual morning walk around Green Park, Snowy is stolen from the couple under their very eyes by a ne'er-do-well.

Written from both the owners' and the dog's point of view, The Adventures of a Dog Called Snowy reflects the experiences Snowy had trying to escape and Arthur and Anastasia's attempts to rescue him.

It's a great book for children and adults, and they will enjoy the conversations Snowy has with the other animals he meets during his adventure.

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David A. Thorp is an artist by profession, whose speciality is in the military genre, although he does accept commissions in all subjects.

This book is something of a departure, but the original story – in picture form as a series of nine paintings – as inspired by a Victorian photograph of a poor lady walking in the rain towing a very wet and unhappy dog along on a piece of rope. Several people encouraged Thorp to write a story around the paintings and eventually he did.

Although painting takes up a great deal of his time, writing seems now to have captured his interest. A fact-based novel about a submarine, The Gold on Board the U-534, was published in 2013, and a sequel is due to follow.