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The Power and the Glory

Jack Sutton

There's been a murder at Salopian Industries, a Telford-based engineering company, and the police are stumped. A young engineer has fallen to his death from one of the platforms, but no one saw anything and they only have one potential lead... who is also then found dead.

The plot thickens with more murders, steamy affairs, and the whiff of corporate espionage. Can DI Abbott crack the case or will this one go into the unsolved crime file?
The Power and the Glory really gets to the hub of the misogynistic nepotism of this corporate industry, where secrets are sold, affairs are had and where no one comes out smelling of roses.

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Jack Sutton was born in Wellington, Shropshire of Salopian parents but when very young moved with his parents to Lancashire. He is a retired engineer and lives in Merseyside which before boundary changes was South West Lancashire. Among his hobbies are photography and painting.
This is his first novel and set within a framework of industry whilst embracing the surroundings of his birthplace.