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Make, Create & Play

Jayne Morris

This children's activity book gives a wide variety of activities with instructions and illustrations on each page.
It is designed to entice bored children to spend their spare time creatively and is ideal for a family to keep at hand when school holidays come around. There are old traditional activities such as "Magic String" or "Pom-Poms" which may already be known to the child or the parent, but may have been forgotten about when the child asks: ‘What can I do?'
You can make things from simple items found around the house - it is indeed aimed at those parents who need to keep costs down when steering their children to keep minds occupied.
I would have loved to buy a book such as this for my children when they were younger, and I hope to be able to bring this to many parents who are looking for something similar.

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Jayne lives in Derbyshire with her partner and their dog. As a child she was always interested in "making things" and her father taught her some of the "old school" activities which appear in the book, aiming to keeping them alive in order to be passed down to the next generation of children.

Jayne is still a keen crafter and gets a lot of pleasure out of making and creating.