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I Know How You Feel

Michael Green

For Heaven's sake! Things are not peachy in Paradise, with so much squabbling among the angels and archangels that God tires of the nonsense and retreats to a desert island, leaving heavenly management to Michael. Senior archangel Michael takes himself and his role very seriously and the younger angels, especially Jerol, delight in defying his rule. Jerol's continuing disobedience is punished by demotion through the angelic ranks until finally, as a last resort, he is banished to Earth and given the care of a fifteen-year-old student, Devin O'Driscoll.
Devin is a good lad but, with normal teenage growing pains, is unsettled at home and at school. His parents are loving and supportive, but they have problems of their own: his mum's about to lose her precious job at the local post office and their parish church owns land being sized up by developers.
Devin isn't at all sure that he wants a guardian angel lounging about in his bedroom, but he soon warms to Jerol. With his best friend, Evie, seriously ill and one of his teachers unfairly targeting him, Devin needs all the support he can get - even if that support comes from a mischievous angel.

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Michael Green QC is a retired Catholic priest, a retired criminal barrister, a fortunate husband (non-retired), a devoted father and grandfather, a passionate traveller and a hopeless golfer. He has written two published self-help books and three unpublished novels. Resident of an inner-city Sydney suburb, he is a keen reader, and is an organiser of Newtown Literary Lunch, a monthly celebration of books, food and wine.