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Chronicles of Illusions: The Blue Wild

Naila Moloo

Ora and Anya are two normal girls. They've always been normal. Until...

Anya is desperate. Her brother, Dax, lies unconscious in a darkened room, a spell cast upon him. What can she do?

Ora is miserable. She has to get away from the orphanage - by any means she can find.
When they are brought together and discover a secret library, they learn that they may have the capability to bring Dax back from the brink.

If they can only get into the Ash Chronicles and retrieve the three artefacts they need to save him, there may be hope. If they spend too long within the books, though, they risk transforming into characters, where the thin line of imagination and the real world merge forever. They must figure out what is right from wrong - and if they don't? Society will come crashing down. Anya and Ora must travel through unknown realms without falling into the trance of fantastical false tales. They will be separated, love will be tested, and death will take its toll.

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Naila Moloo is a teenage girl who plays competitive badminton and enjoys learning about everything entrepreneurship and sustainability. Naila resides in Ottawa, Canada, with her parents, sister, cat and dog. You can check out her articles on Medium. You can also find a short story of hers in an anthology called Speaking Up for Each Other, which you can buy from most online bookstores.