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Beasts and Butterflies

Wendy Beasley

Raped and pregnant at thirteen, Rachel is forced by her uncaring adoptive parents to leave the picturesque village where she had grown up.

Years later, she is given the opportunity to go back with her son.

But can she face her old friends, her inner demons... and the rapist?

And if so, will it destroy her completely...
or can she finally find the love and the closure she craves?

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After many years as a columnist and freelance writer, this is my first venture into the world of fiction and the book I always promised myself I would write. I am now retired, so cannot be accused of rushing into my literary career, and although most people might think I should be stepping away from the computer before dementia sets in, I have thoroughly enjoyed writing this story and hope readers will enjoy it as much as I have. When I'm not out walking or working my dogs, writing is my favourite go-to activity. Despite being a late starter, I am hoping to go on to add other titles to my portfolio, so perhaps the current lockdown situation due to the pandemic may well prove to be the best incentive.