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  • Running Hard

    Meredith Vivian

    Joe Marshall is loved by the residents of the care home where he works but, as Victoria Court is about to find out, he is no ordinary odd-job man.   Victoria is a highly-principled headmistress who


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  • Justice Delayed

    Pat Marlow

    Kate Meredith was about to witness a post mortem on a mutilated body found in strange circumstances. Not her favourite part of the job as a detective sergeant, but it had to be done. The dead man's past uncovered an historic abuse case involving vulnerable boys at a children's home. Something unspeakable had been happening and Kate was about to uncover the sordid and sinister details. A c


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  • The Dragon Rider

    T. J. Weekes

    "My name is Abagail Stone, and I always wished I could be a Dragon Rider and often dreamed of serving the kingdom." When a rare dragon egg was stolen from the sacred Cave of Noelle, the dragons' immense power vanished along with the hope of a mass dragon army. And over the past few years, the amount of Dragon Riders has fallen. Few men have been chosen to mount the fierce yet magni


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  • To Sit in Solemn Silence

    Sue Woodcock

    When senior detective Saul Catchpole takes his family to a production of the Mikado, he has no idea that soon he will be investigating a gruesome murder on the stage and finding out that within the operatic society things are seldom what they seem. Soon the enquiry is delving into the history of several members of the cast with surprising results. Not only does it challenge him and his team, as he introduces a new


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  • Puxley the Squeaky Clean Pig

    Adele Hughes

    Meet Puxley the Squeaky Clean Pig who one day gets sunburnt while at beach school. Ignoring the advice from his mother, Puxley tries a number of ways to protect his skin from the sun. Will he listen to the advice of his loving mother or will he choose to remain squeaky clean?


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  • Double Jeopardy

    Comfort Brew

    A deadly plane crash leaves a woman without her memories, dependent on the kindness of strangers to recover. As she struggles to remember her life, certain that she's still in danger, she discovers that she may not want to remember everything about herself... but in order to survive, she will have to face her nightmares in the light of day.


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  • I Think I Want To Be A Chef – The Stinky Chef Chronicles

    James Gingell

    This is not a book to deter young budding students from becoming chefs; in fact, it's quite the contrary. This is merely my experiences, sharing stories, recipes, fun times, camaraderie, ambition, with a few potential pitfalls along the way through the eyes of a discerning chef. I Think I Want to Be A Chef documents my journey leaving education with minimal qualifications and no real incli


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  • The Quest for the Last Coconut

    Graham Badrock

    Was it the need to escape another freezing cold Victorian winter from his hometown of Bright and sitting on some beach with thousands of locals doing the same thing? Finally arriving at Hervey Bay on the Queensland coast, being located next to a man who was obsessed with polishing his chrome tow ball, and on the other side was a man who felt the need to tell his long-suffering wife how to iron his clothes.


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  • The Nine Realms: The Rising

    Tony Bury and Tyler Bury

    Mount Olympus's once-beautiful gardens were now a barren ice wasteland. The angels and archangels were frozen in place. As were parts of  Athena's monster army. Members of the twelve supreme gods were noticeable in their absence. Where was the supreme god, Zeus? Would he return? The war to end all wars is coming to the Nine Realms, can anyone stop it?


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  • All Over the Place

    Sandra Robinson

    A light-hearted look at a career in the travel industry, peppered with anecdotes and incidents covering forty-five years. All Over the Place describes how we have moved into the digital age, along with stories of the many perks that come with the job. As the saying goes, ‘There's now't so queer as folk', but it's how you manage the situation that counts! Travel agents are a


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  • Operation Fulcrum Storm

    Paul T Hart

    Nothing is how it appears. The waves of pandemics have depleted resources and energy resulting in governments and national intelligence agencies being caught ‘sleeping at the wheel'. The desire for power drives despots to commit the most extreme atrocities, even if this means billions of people may die in the process. The world is teetering on the edge of mass genocide, and no one can see the looming thr


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  • All The 7s

    Sarah Harrington

    Night-time. Sleep. The dreams come. And then the nightmare begins. With an outwardly normal life, she manages to hold it together and keeps it close to her chest that prophetic dreams and visits from a dark entity plague her nights. But the visits start to increase, beginning to morph into her waking life. The messages to her subconscious take an ominous turn so, with a sense of increasing urgency, s


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