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  • Running Hard

    Meredith Vivian

    Joe Marshall is loved by the residents of the care home where he works but, as Victoria Court is about to find out, he is no ordinary odd-job man.   Victoria is a highly-principled headmistress who


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  • Justice Delayed

    Pat Marlow

    Kate Meredith was about to witness a post mortem on a mutilated body found in strange circumstances. Not her favourite part of the job as a detective sergeant, but it had to be done. The dead man's past uncovered an historic abuse case involving vulnerable boys at a children's home. Something unspeakable had been happening and Kate was about to uncover the sordid and sinister details. A c


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  • The Dragon Rider

    T. J. Weekes

    "My name is Abagail Stone, and I always wished I could be a Dragon Rider and often dreamed of serving the kingdom." When a rare dragon egg was stolen from the sacred Cave of Noelle, the dragons' immense power vanished along with the hope of a mass dragon army. And over the past few years, the amount of Dragon Riders has fallen. Few men have been chosen to mount the fierce yet magni


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  • To Sit in Solemn Silence

    Sue Woodcock

    When senior detective Saul Catchpole takes his family to a production of the Mikado, he has no idea that soon he will be investigating a gruesome murder on the stage and finding out that within the operatic society things are seldom what they seem. Soon the enquiry is delving into the history of several members of the cast with surprising results. Not only does it challenge him and his team, as he introduces a new


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  • Reg

    Ian Napier

    Jasmin is a twelve-year-old Adelaide girl of Aboriginal descent. Her parents, both doctors, have volunteered to work in the Middle East for a year, so Jasmin will stay with her aunt and uncle in tropical Darwin for that time. The prospect is both very exciting and saddening, but to help with the sadness of missing her parents, Jasmin will be allowed to get a dog - her very first one. At the local


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  • Cheeky Dragons

    R. McDowall

    When the sun starts to set and the sky gleams pink, What could that be rattling beneath the kitchen sink? As the moon starts to rise and to bed we all go, Under the bed I spy a purple spotted nose


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  • The Cedar Cage

    Robert Greenfield

    No.2 National Bestseller (run-up Christmas 2017) – Jarrold   The boathouse had been built by an Edwardian aristocrat - from a single cedar of Lebanon - as a retreat, maybe even a cage, for his glamorous American bride. But in 2008, just weeks after moving into this dre


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  • Martha the Seaside Cat and Other Stories

    C.M. Bryden

    If you've ever wondered what goes on in the minds of cats, this is the book for you!   Martha the Seaside Cat and Other Stories is a lovely collection of tales set in a seaside village in Cornwall. Dip into the adventures of Martha, her kitten Polly and the ‘cat next door' Ginger, and discover the great excitement of newborn kittens, encounters with a mouse fami


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  • The How To Do Stuff (Right) Book

    Glen P. Aylward

    In this humorous look at everyday life, psychologist Dr. Wayward explains how to deal with everyday situations using findings from his extensive (and field-tested) research. Learn how to do stuff (the right way) with Dr Wayward's expert advice on everything from wine tasting and buying a car to raising toddlers and maintaining the perfect garden lawn that's sure to impress those neighbors when they peek ou


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  • The Money Spider

    Zofia Chantrey Goddard

    Spider sits there day by day,  spinning golden thread. Then he'll steal more jewels away to place upon his bed.   Spider is a thief, stealing jewels and gold to make himself rich. People are crying out for someone to do something. But will he ever be caught?


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  • Mafia Target

    Richard Harris

    Mike Driscoll has seen it all with the LAPD and life should be slowing down for him after he retires to Montana, but when he finds the Mafia there, of all places, his life takes a very unpleasant turn for the worse. His testimony can put the mob away, so he must die. But he can play just as dirty as the contract killers sent to kill him. And he has something up his sleeve – help from ‘the other side&rs


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  • Mission Into Danger

    Thomas E. Lightburn

    During the first two years of the Second World War, Allied shipping losses by U-boat attacks were so high that Great Britain was in grave danger of being starved into submission. U-boats known as Milch Cows, supplying other U-boats, enabled the enemy to remain longer at sea which compounded the problem.   The situation soon became desperate. In September 1940 Commander Robert Stirling is g


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