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The Narcissus Touch

Paul A. Kazakov

Studying civil law together at university, Michael Bolta and Jacobus (Jake) Barton learned that ‘civil litigation' is anything but civil. Despite that, they start a company together and for the past fifteen years have specialised in civil litigation.

After winning an important mediation for a powerful new client, Marcel Paradis, they become involved in a possible fraud case, once again acting on behalf of Paradis and his nephew. But the stakes are much higher this time... Can they retain their ethical and moral integrity as they navigate a dangerous situation?

At the same time, they each meet a new woman, with whom they form incredibly strong bonds and who may change them both for the better.

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Paul A. Kazakov graduated from law school in 1978 and was initially employed as a sessional instructor in law for two years. After forty years of practicing civil litigation, he retired in 2020 and finally returned to his initial interest: creative writing.

He quickly realized that composing fiction was not the same as drafting a legal factum or a legal brief, though the fundamentals remained the same. The Narcissus Touch is his first effort, and it is the first instalment of a legal trilogy. The Sharkfish Man and Prodigal Passion are to follow.

The author resides in Calgary, Alberta with his partner and muse, Nancy Brager. He has one son, Mark, who holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and is actively engaged in musical theater.