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Super Cat! Splat! Splat!

Wilma Davidson and Diana de Avila

Super Cat! Splat! Splat! is a picture book for little readers and toddlers, based on the true adult story told in the award-winning memoir/art book Soldier, Sister, Savant (2021, Pen Women Press), which the authors co-wrote. Super Cat! teaches children who read--or who are read to--that we can make happiness for ourselves, even though bad things may happen to us along life's way. That's life and we do not have to be perfect. That every single one of us is special, no matter. And, importantly, that kindness and bravery can conquer fear. What's more is that Super Cat! interacts with those being read to or reading themselves and invites them to respond with their own thoughts and feelings throughout the book.

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Super Cat! Splat! Splat! is an inspirational story of a pet cat and her journey to accept life's challenges when unfortunate events occur. Readers and those being read to will discover that a positive attitude and caring go a long way in making a life that's not perfect, more
"purr-fect." The story, illustrated by award-winning digital artist and neuro-divergent de Avila, details a few of her real-life struggles. Super Cat!, through the relatable questions asked, invites children to participate as they read-or are being read to. And it also introduces them to memorable word play author Wilma Davidson states.

Diana de Avila M.S.Ed., is a digital artist who lives in Sarasota, FL. And Wilma Davidson, Ed.D. is an educator, communications consultant and author who lives in Longboat Key, Fl. They are best friends
and collaborators.