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A Tale From a Trident - Theseus and the Minotaur

Will Brewster

Think back to a time where Greek gods, monsters and heroes ruled the world. The gods created monsters, the monsters terrorised the people and the people looked up to the heroes. In our tale we get told the story of Theseus and the Minotaur by Troy the Trident who was there watching these events take place. Troy tells us about the punishment handed down by the mighty Poseidon, the dreaded Minotaur that cannot be caged and the mighty Perseus who arrives with one mission - to stop the unstoppable. All this while telling you about the time he was eaten by a shark, got tangled up in his own ball of string and teaches some important life lessons along the way. Keep Troy company as we look into the world of Greek mythology.

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I have always been interested and enjoyed learning about Greek mythology and thought about how I could pass this enjoyment onto others. I wanted to re-tell some of the famous tales in a way that would entertain and amaze the reader and Troy was just the man to do it. Troy will be a story teller that will capture the children's imagination, keep them entertained and teach them something with a smile across their face.