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The New Sam Daggett

Wendy Gill

The birthday of Sadie's father is the moment in which Sadie's privileged and happy upbringing is turned upside down. Sadie and her father become victims to the notorious criminal, Louis Challis. However, her father's death releases Sadie from the clutches of Louis Challis. For her safety she is advised to travel to Westfield Lodge.


On her journey she makes unexpected friendships and even finds love. It also becomes apparent that she is not the only one who has been victimised by Louis Challis and his gang. After her father's death, Sadie is determined to avenge him and put a stop to Louis and his accomplices once and for all. On her quest to resolve the crimes committed by Louis and his fellow perpetrators, she realises that Sam Daggett is the source of all the problems. But, the question is, who is the new Sam Daggett?

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Wendy Gill was born in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, in 1944, the youngest daughter of John and Connie Moxon. She attended Ardsley Oaks Junior and Infant School, then Oaks Secondary Modern, leaving at the age of fifteen.

She met Kevin and they married in 1964. They have two children – a son, Spencer, and daughter, Deborah.

She retired at the age of sixty-one and took up writing as a pastime.