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The Delirium of Negation

Victor Mahn

The setting: British Borneo, 1945.

When a grotesquely misshapen, murdered infant is left outside the army camp in the jungle in Borneo, during WWII, the medical officer who did the autopsy is prompted to investigate this horrific occurrence.

Ricky (Rickety) and a team of rebellious Allied soldiers and their trackers head into the formidable jungle at night, ignoring the likelihood of being killed by Japanese soldiers in the area. The local mystic and shaman, Limbuang, accompanies them into the jungle but he sees what they cannot: there is evil afoot in the jungle tonight.

A series of strange events and eerie happenings piques the soldiers' interest and they are led into a terrible knowledge they cannot quite believe.

We then race back in time to North India in 1779 and meet the innocent Siddhanath, who is in love with Kausalya. His lust for her drives him to seek the aid of the Rogue, a mysterious and powerful man who can arrange anything if the price is right. But Siddhanath is too naïve to know that the deal he strikes with the malevolent Wrath, a demon, with the aid of the Rogue, will cost him far more than he was ever prepared to pay.

A dark tale of terror, karma, redemption and loss, The Delirium of Negation should keep you up at night.

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Victor Mahn is known for the writing of fictional horror that goes just beyond the edge, into the realms where the human imagination seems to take on other-worldly forms. He is relentless in the historical accuracy of the mainstay storyline and queries many facets of paranormal terrors. However, his steadfast ambition is to always entertain people.