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The Awakening

Vanda Ejsymontt

As Gracie curls up to sleep, her Nana tucks her in and tells her the story of 2020. Nana tells of an earth that was treated badly and was tired and broken; she speaks of a strange, cruel and mysterious virus that swept around the globe leaving no place untouched and no human safe; she tells of a world that was brought to a grinding halt where people had to shelter in their homes and silence filled deserted skies, roads, streets and waters. During those long days, weeks and months, strange things began to unfold.


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Originally from England born in Yorkshire in 1957, I have been a primary school teacher and worked closely with children for over thirty years. I have always taken a keen interest in children's literature - both narrative and visual - and am passionate about empowering young people to become involved actors in respect of environmental issues. I have used these interests as teaching platforms throughout my time as a primary school teacher. The COVID-19 crisis inspired me to write a children's book that would provide an historical account; highlight environmental issues; and provide an educational tool.