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Tainted Family Portrait

V. Seraphim

Charlotte has a close Anglo-Italian family. Her family motto is simple: follow our laws and all shall be given. Simple until you break one. Charlotte has followed the laws to the dot: maintain a close relationship with your grandmother, remember all birthdays, and do as they say but not as they do. More importantly, never bring shame unto the family name.

With so many laws changing, it's hard to keep a private relationship alive with your family interfering in all aspects - from work, financial and in her social life - causing her to split into two different personas: the good girl next door and the bad girl from hell. With every family member offering their own unwelcome opinion of her, the good girl cracks and Charlotte goes against the family, trying to maintain peace in her own life. Uproar sends shockwaves through the family, and the consequences of her actions are far from what she expected. Especially from her mother.

Will she sink from the back lashings of her family; will their united dark power be strong enough to take her to drowning point? Or will she be able to overcome the torments of mental aggression, enabling her to swim to the shore unlevered? Either way, the family portrait is tainted.

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V. Seraphim was born in Hertfordshire. She studied hospitality, and prior to becoming a writer she was general manager of a hotel in France.