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Signs of a Struggle

Tony Kaplan

When journalist Tom Pickering arrives on the beautiful Greek island of Mythos to meet up with Lucy, his on-off girlfriend, an environmental blogger who has tipped him off about a great story, Lucy has disappeared. And a body, presumed to be that of a political activist from the early 1970s, has turned up in a bridge being demolished to make way for the new highway bringing tourism to an unspoiled part of the island. Tom, looking for love and a good story, finds himself caught up in a vortex of political intrigue, corruption and murder. Will Tom find the woman he loves? Who is the body in the bridge? Will the killers be brought to justice?

Signs of a Struggle is a political crime novel, set against a backdrop of a century of modern Greek history, embedded in which is the search for love and the reclaiming of identity.

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Tony Kaplan, when not immersed in his writing, paints portraits of characterful people, leads a long-established drum circle, and finds time to travel the world with his camera. He was, for thirty years in the NHS, a pioneering consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist and family therapist. He grew up in an activist family in South Africa, leaving his homeland in his twenties, having refused, after medical school, to serve in apartheid's army. He now lives in London.