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Watched in the Woods

Madison Kopta

When eleven-year-old Maya joins a new school, she learns the legend behind Bigfoot sighted in the forest by the science camp-the camp her grade is soon scheduled to make a trip to. Once at the camp, Maya is intrigued and somewhat smitten by the councilors and as well as creeped out by the Ranger, Ron, who is responsible for their safety around the woods.
Maya and her new-found friends decide to sneak out at night time in order to see if there is any truth to the Bigfoot hullabaloo.
Will they find any truth to these claims? Do the councilors and school staff really care for the students' learning or do they have ulterior motives of their own?

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Madison Kopta is an author, foster-family advocate, and Bigfoot enthusiast from Redding, California. Madison is a proud Northern Californian who embraced her hometown's wilder side. She lives with her four children, and a menagerie of animals. Her passion for foster-family dynamics intersects with her interest in local folklore and mythology about Bigfoot, which inspired her to write Watched in the Woods.