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The Red Raven: Saunter James

D. L. Knierim

Saunter James, a true spirit in the west of the wild, runs from her Stone Ranch just in time.

With her father away and her mother dead, Saunter barely escapes her ghastly aunt, leaving the only home she's ever known. Her pony and the blue dragonfly ever with her through the sacred forest, danger follows her at every turn. The silver moon and twisted trees lead the way to her realizing who she really is. The crooked cottage is a place to rest but, while there, Saunter encounters mystical beasts and new friends with magical gifts that help her on this journey. Tsi teaches Saunter the old ways and that her Celtic and Native ancestors walk with her, bringing her two warrior sides together as a spirit name, and the power that it holds is placed upon her.

That is only the beginning; she will need more to protect the townspeople and Stone Ranch. Saunter must know her spirit within to battle and survive but how will she do it? Can she save those she loves and her home before all is lost?

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D. L. Knierim lives in San Diego, California where she grew up. Her Boston Terriers, Sherlock and Arthur live with her. Her four amazing kids are all married to awesome people, and she adores all her grandkids. She is a widow whose beloved always supported her writing and he has left a poem in Saunter James - The Red Raven. She has a degree in psychology and is continuing her education - "always a student" - is a Jill of all Trades and would move into a library if she had her druthers. Saunter James is based lightly on her genealogy.