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The Puzzle Train

Richard James Edwards

Calling all eleven-year-olds! Shut down your computers, tablets, smartphones and start reading The Puzzle Train!

Meet young hero, Tom, and best friend, Isabelle, Tom's mum, Trudi, and stepfather, Phil. The Puzzle Train is a TV-computer-game-type competition which Tom watches avidly. Each week, teams of ‘Puzzleteers' try their luck with puzzles set for them in each carriage. Most do not get very far!

Meet also the mysterious conductor and station master, Marvin.

Tom and Isabelle apply to take their place on the train and attempt the puzzles themselves along with other hopeful youngsters.

How will they get on? Will they meet the conductor?

This story also addresses the universal theme of family relationships, particularly here between Tom, Trudi and Phil.

This is a tale of genuine suspense intriguing for adult readers too. A very enjoyable read.

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Richard Edwards was born and bred in the Cambridgeshire countryside. As a child, he spent his time reading adventure books, riding his bike and playing football, which he really enjoyed. He didn't really know what he wanted to do after he left school so he became an accountant, which he didn't enjoy as much. Thanks to his wife and daughter, he realized that he didn't always have to be an accountant and started writing, which he absolutely loves!

He now lives in South Africa with his wife, a small collection of Lego and a ceramic turtle called Gordon.

The Puzzle Train is his first novel, but there are lots more to come. Visit him at