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The Prince Within: The descent to hell

Daisy Rodriguez

Yamaries should be a normal eighteen year old heading off to college. But Yamaries is no normal eighteen year old. She is possessed by a demon who inhabits her body. However, the charismatic Mammon is also no normal demon, and he and Yamaries fall deeply in love. Together they rescue Yamaries' grandmother and then have to face their most dangerous mission: to rescue her grandfather. This involves returning to Mammon's home and, as he is the prince of hell, this only means one thing. A descent into hell.

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I am the mother of four beautiful children that I dedicate my life to. I am also a fur mom of one dog, three cats, and one rabbit. I live my life one day at a time, enjoying every fresh freeze, smell of the season changing, and the beautiful sounds of the night. You will always find me next to an open window with a pencil and paper, thinking of my next adventurous story.