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The Pot of Life

Livingstone Okpaka Osaretin

King Josefu, loved by his people, desperately wants a son.
Mother Witch, the most powerful witch in the entire Lower Earth, is determined to take over his kingdom.
When Josefu refuses her demands, the evil witch bedevils the kingdom with disasters and catastrophes and the Gods fall silent.
The fate of King Josefu and his kingdom rests in the hands of a dwarf from Upper Earth, who is fighting his own battle. He must journey to the unknown and face untold challenges in a quest. The fate of both kingdoms hangs in the balance.

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Growing up in Nigeria as the last child of a family of eleven, life was tough, but that didn't stop or disturb my precocious interest in reading. As a kid, I used to read anything, from newspapers to textbooks and especially novels, which, of course, were really above my standard then, but that interest in reading gave birth to the writing zeal in me which unfortunately was almost truncated by the hardship I had to go through in the country.
I attended grammar school and ICE, Benin and left Nigeria in my late twenties for Europe. In England I pursued writing and took creative writing courses.
I love the mythical tales, told to most children in Africa by their mothers, usually under the moon and stars.
The Pot of Life grew from that tradition and is a new tale for children and young adults.