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The Opal Cat

Raluca Nicolae

Lucien arrived on Greek soil, he felt misplaced and lost - Lucien was completely broken inside because of what he had endured in his life until he meets the person who changes his life completely, his wife, Catherine. Catherine had a huge mishap that left her hospitalized and stuck in a coma, this alone left Lucien broken once again.
As they both left to travel to Africa, as it was Catherine's dream to go to Africa and be in nature, they came across a Zulu tribe that welcomed them.
This is when everything changed, what exactly happened to Catherine? Why does Lucien have a sense of guilt? - Find out as you give this book a read!

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Raluca Nicolae continues her literary quest with a new book dedicated to the soul and how everything can change when we meet the right people.
The Opal Cat is the third book published in the United Kingdom which integrates everything that the author considered of interest regarding human nature and what drives most of us in life: love, passion for beauty and an infinite need to feel...