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The Ghosts of Dyas Creek

Sylvia Weiss Sinclair

Set against the sultry summer heat of Alabama and the racial tensions of the deep south in the decades before the Civil Rights Act is the story of the ghost of old man Gelsinger and his haunting of Dyas Creek. Spanning three generations of women, the story draws them in, but his fortune-stashed in mason jars-remains hidden. As the world changes, even in a sleepy southern town, the legend of the old man and his fortune lives on, but will the mystery ever be solved?


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Sylvia Weiss Sinclair is one of the first baby boomers born in Los Angeles, California. When Sylvia was a child, from time to time, her mother, who was raised in southern Alabama, took her and her two brothers to visit their grandparents' farm. At fourteen years of age, Sylvia took the train on her own to Alabama in the summer of 1960 and started journaling her observations and experiences. She has earned an Associate Degree in Chemistry, a Bachelor of Arts in Business, and a Teaching Certificate for Secondary Education. She now lives in Bay Minette, Alabama, close to her mother's family. She is a member of the Alabama Writers' Forum and the Alabama Writers' Cooperative. She also leads a writers' group in Bay Minette, Alabama. She published Roomie-Zoomies Forever in the Birmingham Arts Journal. Her first novel, Fledermama's Son was published in 2017. Her second novel, Making Raisins Dance, was published in 2018. She has also published a short story, Granny's Ghost, in the anthology, These Haunted Hills, Volume 2 in 2020.