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The Forgotten Gateway

Andrew W. Rees

Charlie Dent, an ordinary eleven-year old boy living on the edge of a small village in 21st Century South Wales, finds himself thrust into a fantastic fabled realm after a chance meeting with two mysterious individuals.


But all is not well in this human-free land of legend and perils lay at every turn. This incredible world is teetering on the edge of a war that many there are ill prepared for. What part does Charlie play in all this, and why has he been shown this strange new world from which mankind had been banished so many years ago? He soon learns his casual meeting with the two individuals had been more than mere chance.

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Andrew Rees lives on the Gwent Levels near the Wales-England border with his family. All of his working life has been spent in heavy industry and he has spent the last twenty-five years in steel manufacturing. He has an interest in local folklore and legends: this has inspired him to write The Forgotten Gateway series. He is passionate about conservation, green fields and wild woodland and these themes are reflected in his writing.


He is currently working on book two in the series: The City by The Sea.