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The Discovered Sanctuary (The Allies of Theo, Book 1)

David Dresner

Certain doors open to grand adventures. Edward opens the first door while traveling on an overnight train to Chicago. Upon entering a private car, he encounters the mysterious Egyptian "M" and Theo, his sphinxlike companion. Both are much more than meets the eye.

Edward's second door, hidden away in a Chicago alley, leads into a magical sanctuary. Greeting Edward warmly are M and Theo. A frosty greeting comes from Glenda, a tall, challenging Nordic girl. Theo discloses his true self to Edward, and offers him a challenge to join M and Glenda as his allies against an ancient foe.

Edward accepts and months of intense study follow as Edward and Glenda develop special abilities. Their abilities are tested in a Chicago museum as a keystone is being lowered into an ancient arch. Reading the arch's hieroglyphs, Glenda declares that the portal is cursed. Could an ancient curse come alive in modern-day Chicago?

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Dave likens his adult life to rings on a tree. The first ring followed graduate business school when he became a consulting mathematician, an actuary. The second ring happened when he had responsibilities for a consulting office, then a consulting region and finally as CEO/COO of a national consulting firm. The third ring was personal, he retired to raise his children. He home schooled them while living in rural France and rural Switzerland. Next came another professional ring as a licensed math teacher tutoring Algebra in a rural middle school. The newest ring is being a story teller. 

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