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The Day That Changed My Life

Vivien Shaw

What would you expect to do on the day you finish your last SATs test? Go to the park with your friends? Go out for tea with your family? Get made homeless and be taken into care?

Hopefully that never happens to you... but it happened to me.

But only for a short time, I thought. Only till they get in touch with my dad and I can go and live with him. I thought wrong.
You see, I'd told a lie, (well my mum made me really) and now that means I can't even see my dad.

So, how bad could it be living with a foster family?

Let me tell you about it!


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Vivien has worked with children for over forty years - as a high school teacher, as an advocate and as a primary school governor. Memories of those thousands of children have stayed with her; funny and sad, scary, and uplifting. She has never been bored. She has two children of her own, and an increasing number of grandchildren, and lives in Cheshire with her cat and her husband.