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Shadows and Fire

Siri Kagen

Jenny never felt at home anywhere. Not at her house, not at school...

Not even in her own mind.

However, one fateful night she wakes with a jolt, surprised to find herself in the bathroom, with every part of her warning her to get out of there.

But the human mind is cursed with curiosity, and Jenny stays for one second too long. 

Jenny is dragged into what she hopes to be a bad dream, but is in fact a new reality she wants no part of. 
A new reality where she has to adapt fast, or she'll die.

Or maybe the people with all the secrets will just kill her instead?


Shadows and Fire is a book where the unimaginable suddenly becomes possible. Where two opposites, magic and science, walk hand in hand.

Is magic just a construct of the human mind, or is it perhaps a suppressed reality, ready to be revealed?

But be careful, the human mind can only handle so much truth. When the veil of lies which surrounds us dissolves, we are forced to look at ourselves, and we might not like what we see.

Paperback  |   Hardback   |   eBook


Siri Kågen is a young author, born in 2001, whom has lived in Norway her entire life, with the exception of the years 2013-2014, when she lived in Guildford, England. Siri has always had a livid fantasy, and a passion for books, having read over 500 books already. She wrote her first book when she was only eleven, but decided it wasn't worth publishing. Then, at the age of fourteen, she picked up the pen again and wrote Shadows and Fire. It was completed in under a year, and by that time she had turned fifteen.