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Roy Price

When Gavin is unexpectedly made redundant from his job at the glass works, he decides to set off on a walking adventure in search of his own personal utopia.

But when he unwittingly becomes embroiled in a horse riding accident, it appears his plans may have taken a turn for the worse. However, fate intervenes and further on in his journey, his encounters on the road lead him back to the scene of the accident, the Manorfields stables to which it seems he is destined to become tied.

Through the stables, his life changes forever, but will he find his utopia?


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I was born in Hemsworth in 1959. I am the son of a miner and my mother was a mill worker. I am the eldest of five children, the others being four sisters. I was educated at Normanton Secondary Modern School, Normanton, where I left with only two GCSEs. I served in the armed forces from 1980 to 1986. I married a German national and my marriage broke up in 1991. I live in West Yorkshire not far from the Yorkshire moors.