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Lucius Barca and the Gladiators' Rebellion

Daniel Layton

100AD, Rome is a mixing pot of people and cultures from every corner of the empire. Emperor Augustus Caesar, loved by his people, spends his gold feeding and entertaining the masses.
Rome is bustling with chariot races, public feasts and gladiatorial fights. The Spartan brothers have no equals in the Colosseum, having never been defeated.
This is the world thirteen-year-old Lucius Barca grows up in with his family outside Rome. Lucius and his three best friends spend their time playing in Rome and looking out for each other.
One fateful night, Lucius' world is changed forever. Near death and hunted by Praetorian guards, a wounded gladiator stumbles into Lucius' arms. Lucius acts fast and rescues the wounded gladiator, putting himself and everyone he loves in danger.
Lucius and his friends make a pact to protect the famous gladiator and unravel a sinister plot that threatens to tear all of Rome apart.

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I am forty-one years old and live with my wife and two sons (eight years old and nine years old) in a small coastal town, South West Rocks, New South Wales, Australia. I studied Ancient History and Australian History at University of New England and soon after, began my teaching career in high schools in New South Wales. After four years of teaching, I joined NSW Police Force and attained the rank of senior constable. After twelve years as a police officer, I recently (2018) disengaged from NSW Police Force and I am currently engaged in writing and seeking a new career path.