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Isles of Xandaeren

Kenzi Macabee

Joe and Sam are both foster kids in a bad situation. Their only escape is their passion for urban exploring with their friends, Finn, Ana, and Oli. But Joe's having dreams about a portal to a new world...a world where his cruel foster mother can't reach him, where he can start over after everything he's lost. And that portal exists in an abandoned psychiatric institute. He convinces Sam, who is also eager to escape, to check it out. Their friends come along and end up stumbling through the portal with them.
Now they're stuck on a gorgeous tropical island in a new world with limited resources, but unlimited imagination and ingenuity. They work together to survive, and thrive, but the magician who spoke to Joe in his dreams is lurking around somewhere...and he's not happy that Joe didn't come alone.
Will Joe let himself be lured away and into a power struggle he knows nothing about? Or will he stick with his friends and learn that, together, they can save the day?

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Kenzi Macabee is an uprooted Virginian from the DC area living in the South. After a misspent youth doing her own Urban Exploring, she wants to bring that thrilling sense to her readers while also passing on useful survival tips. Isles of Xandaeren is the first book in Kenzi's young adult series.