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Into the Dark

Christopher Gooderson

"I hadn't long been home from hospital when the world spiralled out of control. He still haunted me but I had to try and move on, if he would let me. The last few months had been anything but normal. It was just an accident they told me, but I knew it was more. I did this to myself when I ignored all the warning signs."

Dull, ordinary and average. Exactly how Alexa Jayne would sum up her life so far. Born and trapped in the quaint little village of Staveley in the Lake District all her seventeen years.

But Alexa has no idea that soon she will meet someone who will turn her world upside down - the elegant and mysterious William.

Rarely is anything so perfect real, and as her obsession for William grows, so does the revelation that something much darker is now stalking her.

This sleepy little village holds a painfully dark secret, hidden for decades and now rearing itself.

In a tale of a forbidden romance, Alexa must fight through everything she thought was real to save the man she loves... but is he the man she thought?

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Christopher Gooderson debuts with his first book Into The Dark, set to become the first in an intoxicating four-part series.

As he was born and raised in the country, many of his ideas are inspired by the beautiful landscapes and scenery by which he is so often surrounded.

His passion for reading quickly turned to a passion for writing, fuelled by his imagination and resulting in the new worlds he creates.

He lives with his partner and children in Norfolk.