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Monka Jean

The Williams family's attempt to relocate from Oklahoma to Colorado, leaves fourteen-year-old TYLER, six-year-old MICHAEL, and three-year-old GABBY homeless.
The first night finds the family in Bum Park, a homeless community, under the control of the self-appointed, so-called Mayor of the Park. When Anna goes into labor, the father must decide whether to leave Tyler, Michael, and Gabby with the authorities at CPS or with the Mayor. His decision to leave the kids in Bum Park with ALEX, a street-savvy seven-teen-year-old, results in the fight of a lifetime for Tyler.
He has one purpose and that's to keep his brother and sister safe and together at any cost while encountering druggies, drunks, CPS, and the insane life on the street. As the kids struggle to live, they learn just how much they love each other and how strong their bond is.

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Monka Jean is a retired educator who spent over twenty years as a counsellor working with diverse and high-poverty populations, as well as an educator in a New Mexico adult-correctional facility providing services for the juvenile population. Her experience mentoring these heroic teens and young adults, who struggle to survive the streets, has provided great insight and respect for these individuals. Her first novel, HOLE IN THE WALL, is grounded in truth and the characters are based on people she has known and loved. As heart-breaking and difficult as it is to hear their story, it will bring awareness to the plight of the thousands of young adults and children who find themselves without support or direction, left only with the grief of losing siblings to the system.