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Mimi Stoffels

Everlock is a unique town, hidden away within a rugged wilderness terrain. The people of Everlock are a tight-knit community.


Abigail, a fearless young local girl has lived in Everlock all her life and is excited when a new family moves to town, that's not something that happens very often.


Grace and James become friends with Abigail, who takes them hiking and introduces them to the things that make the town so different from anywhere else.


The children of Everlock all have to complete a five-day survival journey in the wilderness when they become teenagers, testing their skills and above all resilience. Find out what happens to Abigail and her friends when it is their turn to take on the coming of age trial.

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Mimi Stoffels grew up on the Mornington Peninsula, south of Melbourne. The youngest of five, she spent much of her time reading, at the beach, riding horses and playing sport. She studied Business Accounting at Monash University and went on to become a CPA for fifteen years, after which she opened a childcare. In 2010 she started her family and read many books on child development after having a baby with special needs. She then began to write after being inspired by her own children's lust for life. Everlock is her first novel and she has started a follow up book.