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City and Citadel

Heather Newby

Tamlyn has always considered that his life in the Citadel is a good one. Since he was born he has been taught that the High Lord Zerac is a caring and kindly ruler, and he looks forward to serving him in the future.
Chance encounters with Lyddy and Merla as he starts his final year in the Academy begin to force Tamlyn to think again about these views. He discovers that the surface appearance of peace and justice he knows really hides a different and cruel reality.
With his friend, Hallam, he decides he must work to change things. It's a decision that takes him out of his easy life and into dangerous and life-threatening clashes with Zerac but he persists through it all, in the process changing himself and taking the land he loves out of its enforced isolation.

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I learned to read before I was four, and haven't stopped since. When I taught five to seven-year-olds and had three children of my own, I hadn't much space left for writing, but I managed short stories and poems from time to time. Later I was able to join a writers' group and found it ideal for making me work to improve technique, style, plotting etcetera. Tamlyn jumped out of a short story and demanded I do more. I've so enjoyed the experience, especially finding that plots and characters develop minds of their own and insist on doing their own thing as you go along. I can't imagine it, but if anybody should ask me for a piece of advice about writing it would be, "Don't say ‘I could write a book' - do it." It's great fun.