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Angels of Karma - The Beauty of Grey

Erchana Murray-Bartlett

Starting high school is tough at the best of times, but as Emmi walks into her first year at Lilydale Secondary, she begins to realise that her experience is extra-ordinary. Unworldly even.
The reason is that Emmi's mother was a Mukta-Jiva, or Angel of Karma and that maybe, she could be one too. As Emmi's world is plunged into right versus wrong, she must also learn to keep to her extra-ordinary skills secret, or at least for now.

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Erchana Murray-Bartlett loves writing magical tales set in Lilydale, the regional Victorian town she grew up in. In real life, Lilydale is an ordinary town with ordinary people doing ordinary things. But Erchana Murray-Bartlett doesn't believe in ordinary. She thinks that all people can do extra-ordinary things if they just add a little sparkle into their every day. She believes that the mind should always run wild and free. Today, Erchana Murray-Bartlett dedicates her time to finding that spark, whether it be through writing, going on outrageous adventures in our wide-open world, or, getting lost for hours in a good book. Angels of Karma is the incredible product of that spark. She encourages you to find the sparkle in your everyday too.