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A Strange Tale or Three

Malcolm Gerloch

In Button, just where is the writer going? Is he losing his mind? Hasn't he proofread his story?

At least in You, that isn't the problem. Here is a modern-day morality play with just a touch of fantasy.

Romp, on the other hand, is just that from end to end.

Each of these three stories, which are quite unconnected from one another, hopefully makes you pause and think a while. They were originally conceived for older children or teenagers - and they can be read out loud - but they are more likely to be appreciated by grown-up children of any age.

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Dr. Gerloch retired in 1999 from a career as academic and research scientist in the field of quantum chemistry in the University of Cambridge. He is an Emeritus Fellow of Trinity Hall. He and his wife, Gwyneth, have since lived in Canberra, Australia. During his first twenty years of blissful retired domesticity, Malcolm has enjoyed gardening, house renovation and above all, learning to cook in several cuisines. Gwyneth has relinquished the kitchen with mixed feelings. Prior to writing (mostly) children's books, Malcolm's greatest achievement has been the construction of a dual-manual harpsichord for his wife to play. That was a present to thank her for introducing him to the non-scientific literature of - mostly - the nineteenth and twentieth century European and twentieth century North American writers.