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A Miracle of Consequence

C F Clarke

William should have died alongside his parents when he was four, when they died in a plane crash and he was spared. Decisions are made by his grandparents, uncle and others, at that time, which will affect the rest of his life. As William gets older, he increasingly experiences strange happenings and sees things that others don't, but decides not to confide in his uncle or friends. Although he has a happy childhood, growing up with his uncle, the truth about William's survival and his parents' death is kept from him; that is, until he meets someone who seems to know everything about him - and what his future holds. As a result, William is faced with the most difficult decision of his life.

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The main role in my life has been wife and mother. But now, I'm widowed and with the rest of the family happily settled, I've put some of my energy into doing more writing. I'm interested in most subjects but I really enjoy all things of a mysterious nature.