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Teen/Young Adult

  • A Strange Tale or Three

    Malcolm Gerloch

    In Button, just where is the writer going? Is he losing his mind? Hasn't he proofread his story? At least in You, that isn't the problem. Here is a modern-day morality play with just a touch of fantasy. Romp, on the other hand, is just that from end to end. Each of these three stories, which are quite unconnected from one another, hopefully


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  • Ela Green and the Kingdom of Abud

    Sylvia Greif

    Ela Green and the Kingdom of Abud is book one of a trilogy and introduces Ela Green, a fourteen-year-old girl. Her first adventure reveals the mysterious bond she shares with Mother Nature and her encounter with Yggdrasil, the wise-tree, charting her own self-discovery along the way. With the help of her best friend, Jo, and her loving Uncle Archibald, who unwillingly has to lay bare an unbelievable


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  • Hikariuchuu: The Realm of the Lights

    Ethan Kenyon-Tate

    How far would you go for a friend? For Adam, his friends, Jamie and Elliott, and his little brother, Jack, the answer to that question is a very long way indeed - across a realm they know almost nothing about. One filled with danger, uncertainty, adventure and terrible beasts. Adam's best friend, Sam, is taken from his home in Nakumura. He is to become the 'pet' of the demonic princ


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  • The Summer Of ‘59

    Colin J Nicholls

    Tom was bored. With the long summer holiday stretching ahead he had nothing to do. He was looking forward to moving up to big school, which couldn't come soon enough for him. His mom and dad couldn't afford a summer holiday, so Tom with Bob, his faithful dog by his side, and his best friend, Toby, were on the lookout for some adventure although they didn't expect to find much excitement along th


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  • The Last Martian

    Ian Napier

    After returning from a dangerous but successful voyage to Mars on behalf of NASA, teenagers David (an Australian) and Sierra (an American), tiring of the media attention, decide to travel to Australia. Initially, they behave like tourists, checking out the sights of Sydney and the delights of Bondi Beach, but soon the now familiar voices of the Martian ghosts tell them to head to Central Australia. There, in the v


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  • Thronegarden

    Andrew Dickerson

    Queen Etherelle is dying. In a desperate attempt to save her life, Princess Damselfly makes a pact with Death to retrieve the timepiece that was taken from him by the Fairy King. Not just any watch, it has the power to restore time in a land that is timeless; where nobody grows old, yet nothing new can grow or be born. Leaving her home, Thronegarden, behind, Princess Damselfly travels across the fair


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  • Yggdrasil's Champions

    Christopher Downey

    After finding a portal to the centre of the world, two friends embark on a series of extraordinary adventures. Learning that Yggdrasil, the world tree, is real, Dawn and Arthur are eager for the bizarre events that await them. Using their magic to face trials, magical creatures and villains both human and monstrous, our heroes test their courage in ways they never expected. From the forest that surrounds their hom


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  • The Ghosts of Dyas Creek

    Sylvia Weiss Sinclair

    Set against the sultry summer heat of Alabama and the racial tensions of the deep south in the decades before the Civil Rights Act is the story of the ghost of old man Gelsinger and his haunting of Dyas Creek. Spanning three generations of women, the story draws them in, but his fortune-stashed in mason jars-remains hidden. As the world changes, even in a sleepy southern town, the legend of the old man and his for


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  • The Pot of Life

    Livingstone Okpaka Osaretin

    King Josefu, loved by his people, desperately wants a son. Mother Witch, the most powerful witch in the entire Lower Earth, is determined to take over his kingdom. When Josefu refuses her demands, the evil witch bedevils the kingdom with disasters and catastrophes and the Gods fall silent. The fate of King Josefu and his kingdom rests in the hands of a dwarf from Upper Earth, who is fighting h


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  • Chronicles of Illusions: The Blue Wild

    Naila Moloo

    Ora and Anya are two normal girls. They've always been normal. Until... Anya is desperate. Her brother, Dax, lies unconscious in a darkened room, a spell cast upon him. What can she do? Ora is miserable. She has to get away from the orphanage - by any means she can find. When they are brought together and discover a secret library, they learn that they may have the capability to brin


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  • Lucius Barca and the Gladiators' Rebellion

    Daniel Layton

    100AD, Rome is a mixing pot of people and cultures from every corner of the empire. Emperor Augustus Caesar, loved by his people, spends his gold feeding and entertaining the masses. Rome is bustling with chariot races, public feasts and gladiatorial fights. The Spartan brothers have no equals in the Colosseum, having never been defeated. This is the world thirteen-year-old Lucius Barca grows up in w


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  • The Hop Pickers Children

    Sheila Judith Anne Ayres

    In the years just before the war, Sheila and her family went away each year on what was known as a poor man's holiday. It was a working holiday for her parents, hop picking to earn some extra money, but also an opportunity to meet up with relatives. In a little village in East Hampshire, they met with people from all walks of life - from circus and fairground folk to log and flower sellers - and work


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