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Teen/Young Adult

  • The Churchside Five

    H.G. Wilson

    A legend. A mysterious stranger. Local rumours. A book. Historical accounts of a treasure trove. All weave an engaging caper along a dangerous path, following mysterious clues towards something legendary, something reputed to be of great value, and something worth finding. Intelligent and action-packed, The Churchside Five takes young readers throu


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  • Nature’s Fall: Evolution

    Joseph Cornforth

    The year is 2384. Terra doesn't know where she came from and she thinks that she's an outcast in our world. Until now. Terra is not from our world. She's a child of the gods, in the middle of an almighty war that will change our world forever.


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  • The Red Raven: Saunter James

    D. L. Knierim

    Saunter James, a true spirit in the west of the wild, runs from her Stone Ranch just in time. With her father away and her mother dead, Saunter barely escapes her ghastly aunt, leaving the only home she's ever known. Her pony and the blue dragonfly ever with her through the sacred forest, danger follows her at every turn. The silver moon and twisted trees lead the way to her realizing who she re


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  • The Cask of the Alchemists

    Phil Lanzon

    The third book in the THE EVIL WITH A THOUSAND FACES trilogy Joining Elin and Charlie's quest to annihilate the Evil with a Thousand Faces is Nina, Elin's spirit double. Spirits from the House Called Zero have been kidnapped by the Evil to do its bidding, and when the Cask reveals its ultimate secret - along with Charlie, Nina, the Visible Music, her Invisible Co


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  • Books, Birds and Boots

    Desmond Collins

    Secret rooms, hidden treasure... In the early nineteenth century, New Zealand was established as the most remote colony of the British Empire. Land was bought and sometimes stolen from resident Maori tribes to establish settlements. Wellington, later to become the capital city, was first settled by Europeans in 1840. During the remainder of the nineteenth century, the city grew rapidly onto the surroundi


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  • The Lost Chronicles of East London: The Sirens of Gallions Reach

    Guy Evans

    "This is a world of fools! A world of slaves!" Strange singing coming from the River Thames? Check. Odd glowing lights coming from the water? Check. Weird creatures living underneath Cleopatra's Needle on the Embankment? Check. Another dangerous and terrifying adventure awaits Joe Druitt and his friends Eddows and Flo as they uncover the terrible truth ab


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  • Gaia’s Prophecy: The Fabulous Adventures of Kiso Maravillas, Book I

    Isabel de Navasqüés

    On a planet much like Earth, Gaia has unleashed water to cleanse the world of the people who misuse her. All of the land is flooded, and its inhabitants must adapt or perish. The animals seek refuge in the depths of the ocean. Humanity is forced to live on overcrowded floating platforms with limited resources, governed by tyranny and cruelty. But not all the platform dwellers are the same, and some leave the platf


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  • Into the Dark

    Christopher Gooderson

    "I hadn't long been home from hospital when the world spiralled out of control. He still haunted me but I had to try and move on, if he would let me. The last few months had been anything but normal. It was just an accident they told me, but I knew it was more. I did this to myself when I ignored all the warning signs." Dull, ordinary and average. Exactly how Alexa Jayne would sum


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  • Carnival

    Danica Alfter-Maxey

    Have you ever had a nightmare that felt so real? Not being able to shake the nightmare or the heavy emotions that come with it? They say that dreams have meaning to them. I never believed that until a journey I took to understand what had been terrorizing me for many years.


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  • A Miracle of Consequence

    C F Clarke

    William should have died alongside his parents when he was four, when they died in a plane crash and he was spared. Decisions are made by his grandparents, uncle and others, at that time, which will affect the rest of his life. As William gets older, he increasingly experiences strange happenings and sees things that others don't, but decides not to confide in his uncle or friends. Although he has a happy chil


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  • Raider

    Georgia Benvenuti

    Separated from her family in the chaos of an alien invasion, Maddy Walker finds herself an unwitting soldier of the invading Raider army. Bonded to the Raiders, Maddy and her squad are forced to help destroy the last of the human race. Humans survive in the Lifeline - a number of bases built underground across the world, connected by the Lifeline Link. During a mission to get inside a Lifeline


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  • Mollificent: A Fairy Tale Adventure for Modern Girls

    Tresa Eyres

    Mollificent dreams impossible dreams of a life beyond her work as a servant in the castle. When her make-believe world lands her in big trouble, she fears she can never recover. In her darkest hour a small bird appears, offering passage out of the cellar and into a secret tower where the king's forgotten son lies deathly ill. The only chance for the prince's cure is a magic herb that grows far aw


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