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Teen/Young Adult

  • The Portal

    Carrie M. Dale

    The basic premise of this novel is the meeting of two different families living in two different worlds. One world is quiet, peaceful, uninhibited, simple and pure, while the other is loud, busy, materialistic, hectic and complicated. Both children in the story see their world as "normal" until faced with an alternative. It is at this intersection where the story takes place.


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  • The Opal Cat

    Raluca Nicolae

    Lucien arrived on Greek soil, he felt misplaced and lost - Lucien was completely broken inside because of what he had endured in his life until he meets the person who changes his life completely, his wife, Catherine. Catherine had a huge mishap that left her hospitalized and stuck in a coma, this alone left Lucien broken once again. As they both left to travel to Africa, as it was Catherine's dream to


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  • Surviving the Apocalypse: 101

    Nicole Crampton

    Life after the apocalypse is anything but easy. Claire has survived the end of the world - a plague that destroyed the human race, leaving them dead or worse - and now her life is a constant battle to stay alive, to stay one step ahead of the creatures, to make it to the city where she believes there may be other survivors. But the creatures are not the only threat and staying alive in the city is ha


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  • Isles of Xandaeren

    Kenzi Macabee

    Joe and Sam are both foster kids in a bad situation. Their only escape is their passion for urban exploring with their friends, Finn, Ana, and Oli. But Joe's having dreams about a portal to a new world...a world where his cruel foster mother can't reach him, where he can start over after everything he's lost. And that portal exists in an abandoned psychiatric institute. He convinces Sam, who is also ea


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  • Angels of Karma - The Beauty of Grey

    Erchana Murray-Bartlett

    Starting high school is tough at the best of times, but as Emmi walks into her first year at Lilydale Secondary, she begins to realise that her experience is extra-ordinary. Unworldly even. The reason is that Emmi's mother was a Mukta-Jiva, or Angel of Karma and that maybe, she could be one too. As Emmi's world is plunged into right versus wrong, she must also learn to keep to her extra-ordinary ski


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  • The Prince Within: The descent to hell

    Daisy Rodriguez

    Yamaries should be a normal eighteen year old heading off to college. But Yamaries is no normal eighteen year old. She is possessed by a demon who inhabits her body. However, the charismatic Mammon is also no normal demon, and he and Yamaries fall deeply in love. Together they rescue Yamaries' grandmother and then have to face their most dangerous mission: to rescue her grandfather. This involves returning to


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  • The Good Keeper

    Muhammad Saad Elahi

    Shane, the second-choice goalkeeper of Aberdeen High, is forever in Marcus's shadow. Marcus, the obnoxious and mean first-choice goalkeeper of Aberdeen High who regularly bullies Shane. Shane must figure out a way to escape Marcus's shadow while at the same time win over the heart of his long-time high school crush, Marissa Walker.


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    Monka Jean

    The Williams family's attempt to relocate from Oklahoma to Colorado, leaves fourteen-year-old TYLER, six-year-old MICHAEL, and three-year-old GABBY homeless. The first night finds the family in Bum Park, a homeless community, under the control of the self-appointed, so-called Mayor of the Park. When Anna goes into labor, the father must decide whether to leave Tyler, Michael, and Gabby with the authorit


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  • Neandergirl

    John Himmelman

    On a dig in a Spanish desert, archeologist Jennifer Moore uncovers the skeleton of a young Neanderthal, a prehistoric branch of humans that mysteriously vanished. In its hand is a bone flute. But Neanderthals were not known to create music. 40,000 years earlier, Skeetu, one of the last remaining Neanderthals, finds a flute. This leads her to a small band of Homo sapiens-our ancestors. With her Wooll


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  • Jack Mathias and the Boonetown Bandits

    G.M. Savage

    He's known as the class clown - the kid with a lot of nerve. And some believe thirteen-year-old Jack Mathias is too confident for his own good. His audacious practical jokes and impulsiveness frequently land him in hot water and growing up seems a world away. However, a sudden wild adventure with his unlikely companions, Gene (the nerd) and Edgar (the shy outcast), thrusts Jack towards maturity with more of a


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  • Rowan's Imaginary Adventures

    Stephen Gibling

    Rowan is just an ordinary boy. He likes reading books and playing with his toys, and he likes daydreaming about going on adventures to places he's read about. But Rowan's imagination is different. When he daydreams about places, he goes there! One day, whilst playing with his toy dinosaurs, Rowan starts to feel a little sleepy. And the next thing he knows, he's back in the time of the dinosau


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  • Manorfields

    Roy Price

    When Gavin is unexpectedly made redundant from his job at the glass works, he decides to set off on a walking adventure in search of his own personal utopia. But when he unwittingly becomes embroiled in a horse riding accident, it appears his plans may have taken a turn for the worse. However, fate intervenes and further on in his journey, his encounters on the road lead him back to the scene of the acci


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