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Mosaic of Life: What are We but a Memory?

Susan Vinson

It is death that gives meaning to life.


They sensed each other as they grew in their watery world. They knew their mother's voice; it was a comforting sound, like the music she played for them. Sometimes they moved in unison to the strange sounds, but each day there was less room and now they could only snuggle together and wait. One sister was a reflection of the other, an identical twin and soulmate. Finally, the time had come for them to meet their fate and their perilous journey began.

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Susan has been an avid reader all her life, English history, the natural world and ancient myths having been of special interest to her.

She grew up in the western suburbs of Sydney and has travelled extensively around Australia. She is trained in beauty therapy and has practiced and taught Yoga for many years.

Susan has a keen interest in all kinds of art and antiques, especially mosaics.

She has two wonderful adult children, and currently lives with three adorable cheeky cats.

The Silence is her second book.