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Midnight Comet

Susan Frances

Every day we choose the kind of person we will be. We make a conscious decision to be honorable, or to lie and cheat. We make choices.

Everyone experiences love and loss, fear and desire. Everyone has freewill.

What would be the value of a benevolent nature if being good is all that we can be? What would be the blame on those who are wicked, if wickedness is their only nature?

For thousands of years, the inhabitants of heaven and hell watched the colorful dramas of human beings play out on Earth... and they were envious.

If they could choose, would they walk the path of moral decay, or would they follow a road leading the spiritual reawakening of their immortal soul?

These inhuman creatures sought to walk the Earth on a journey of self-awareness.

They needed freewill.

A bargain is struck. A test begins. Now that they've tasted it, they could never go back.

Cover illustration by Connor Ryan Maxon.

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Susan Frances was born in Queens, New York, but lived with her husband and raised their children in New Jersey.

Susan says, "All things science fiction have always interested me. Stephen King, Kurt Vonnegut and others like them draw me in, but I always look for that spiritual edge in stories."