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The Carousel of Time

Alex Charlton

A curse links two pairs of lovers who live over a thousand years apart. For centuries, it has slithered through the idyllic Kent village of Ashward, spoiling lives and destroying people.

When Kate Summers arrives in Ashward, disillusioned with her London life and her marriage to Mark, she is determined to make a new start and focusses all her energies on the restoration of their beautiful Tudor manor house. But soon she encounters the layer of darkness that lies close to the surface of village life.

What causes the sophisticated and learned vicar such anguish? What dark mystery do the cellars in Ashward Priory hold? Who or what is the menacing black figure present at local festivals? Gradually Kate discovers for herself the answers to these questions as she becomes ensnared by the beauty and savagery of pagan ritual and natural magic, still vividly alive in Ashward. When, at last, it seems that she has found true friendship and the sort of love that she has always longed for, will she, because of the ancient curse, lose everything that she holds most precious?

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Alex Charlton lives in Dorset with her husband, who manages her restless energy and constant flow of new ideas with equanimity. Her passions, apart from her husband, two beautiful daughters and close friends, are history, languages and philosophy. She has enjoyed success in diverse careers: financial management, a high profile educational position - and a sheep farm. She also loves travel, exercise - especially yoga and tai chi - and new experiences. Her writing philosophy is to explore the timeless beauty of life within a strong character and place-centred style.