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Champagne Backpacker

Gina Clock

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Louise was about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

Through sun, sea and a shed load of partying, she meets a group of girls who quickly become the best of friends. Travelling in style along the east coast of Australia, the girls navigate their way through awkward sexual encounters, questionable rashes, Dianna Ross style humidity hair and the array of bitey things that Australia has to offer!

Then, quicker than you can say ‘casual sex', Louise falls for notorious play boy, ‘Hot Breakfast Guy', whose six pack, big shaggy hair and pearly whites are enough to make any woman sit up and pay attention...and boy do they!

Jumping in feet first (well, technically... she jumped out of a window, dodging an Alsatian... but that's a story for later!) Louise desperately tries to keep her cool whilst designing her wedding dress in her head...

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Gina is a straight-talking Northerner with a penchant for slapstick comedy. She loves to go on adventures with her husband, drink gin with her girlfriends and spend her hard-earned cash on practical things like silver shoes and leopard print kaftans.

Gina's best qualities are laughing too loudly, telling jokes badly and filling awkward silences inappropriately.