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The Right Decisions

Muriel Freeborn

For widow,  Isabel Brakeford, life was to change dramatically when she and her teenage daughter,Tessa, visited the seaside home of her sister, Millie and her husband, Hubert.
It was there that by chance she bumped into Steven who, it transpired, was a former climbing pal of her late husband Henry and was with him and two others when Henry and another companion in the party die after tumbling into a crevasse. Their bodies were never recovered.
Isabel's son, Chris, is curious after seeing a postcard from Steve to his mother and they meet. It gives Chris a greater insight into his father's life and subsequently they visit the area of the tragedy in the Alps.
As time goes on, Isabel realises she is in love with Steve.

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Muriel Freeborn was ninety years old when she began her book, Ellie Hopeson 91 in 2017. Inspired by the life of a friend, who had been a writer, and had recently died, her writing proved to be therapeutic and an unexpected pleasure. She is interested in making music with friends, and is a member of her local church. She lives in Wiltshire. She has written for the elderly and the very elderly, and also for the young, who will be elderly one day.