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Creek Campus Series: Always, From Then Until Now

N. A. Cole

Prim: Myles and I have been best friends since third grade. We've grown up with each other and know pretty much everything about one another. Or maybe we don't. When we get to college, things start to change. Myles starts to change. Up until now, Myles has always just been a friend. But what if everything I've known so far is wrong? And why is Myles starting to pull away?

Myles: College is difficult. No, not the classes. The thing is, I'm in love with my best friend Prim. She just doesn't know it. The other thing? She's dating someone else and it's driving me insane. Should I tell her how I feel, or should I walk away? Should I tell her the secret I've been keeping or continue to hide it? Maybe it's best that we go our separate ways.

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N. A. Cole grew up in a small college town in Pennsylvania, United States. She is an author of new adult and contemporary romance. Her love of reading and writing stemmed from a very early age, with her dream always being to publish a novel. Spoiler: her books will always contain happy endings. Of course, the road won't always be easy. Aside from reading and writing, N. A. Cole enjoys spending time with her two dogs, binge-watching K-dramas, and crushing on fictional characters.