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Ordinary People, More Extraordinary Tales

Sue Reeder

An eclectic collection of stories about ghosts and other supernatural phenomena from around the UK, the US and Canada.


There is the story about the father who passed away, leaving his daughter a message from beyond the grave about her at-the-time undiagnosed illness.


Another story tells of the spirit of a deceased gravedigger at Santon Church, returning to haunt the graveyard where he used to work.


There is the woman who had a premonition about a stranger by just brushing past her as she walked in to her local bank - the stranger was later murdered. Other premonitions that came true told her that her partner had been hurt in an accident, and a smell of smoke in her house told her of an accident involving a plane at Manchester airport.


These are just a few of the many and varied stories by both professional and amateur ghost hunters

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I am a first time author, married to Scott and I have a son called Jesse. My family means the world to me.

In 2007 I realised, with help from two great teachers, Carol and George, that I had the ability of psychic art - a form of mediumship where spirit works through me to draw faces of loved ones who have departed.

I live in Norfolk, England.