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We Are Not Alone

Jasmine Makings

I believe everyone at some time has had experiences such as the telephone ringing and somehow you know who it is before you pick up; or you think of someone for a split second, then your telephone rings and it's them. Or maybe you have been on your own in a room and you think you see someone out of the corner of your eye and turn, expecting to see someone there and there isn't anyone. How often do you have the feeling that you just know something, but don't know how you know? Don't dismiss these things any longer. Be prepared to look further, not to be dismissive or put things down to coincidence, because you have so much help and ability of such magnitude you have no idea. Find out what happened to me (the dismissive one), and my husband (the sceptic) on our journey of discovery.

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Jasmine Makings is a professional health and food coach, naturalistic therapist, yoga teacher, Reiki master and spiritual healer. She describes herself as an ordinary girl from a small village in England, where complementary therapy, religion and spiritual things were not talked about, yet she was naturally drawn to discover these things and, as life unfolded, the reason became very clear. She has worked for decades helping people to improve and restore their health. She is married with two children and three grandchildren and now lives in Australia. Her passion is helping people towards better health and a better understanding of life.